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The Best Apprentices in the Plumbing Industry
1MPAL ensures that apprentices employed through the scheme are exposed to all aspects of the Plumbing industry including; Water Plumbing, Sanitary Plumbing, Drainage, Roof Plumbing, Fire Hydrants, and Hose Reels. The exposure is across Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, and High-Rise Construction Plumbing.

The following Cadets and Apprentices are available and very enthusiastic to start with you today.


  1. Adam from Glenbrook
  2. Bradden from St Ives
  3. Laurence from Summer Hill
  4. Yan from Ashfield

2nd Year Apprentices:
1. Ahmad from Lakemba

4th Year Apprentices:
1. Richard from North Paramatta

So what are you waiting for?

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