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History has shown us that plumbers are extremely important people in our society. Wherever people settle, water is essential.

Clean water and reliable plumbing are not only vital to public health but they are also an integral part of modern-day life, how many of us could go without the luxury of a hot bath or shower? Without competent plumbers, disease would be rife, sanitation non-existent, clean fresh water from a tap only a dream and heating would consist of a coal or log fire.

It takes years of training to become qualified and a career in plumbing calls for a dedication to lifelong learning, as the rate of technological advancement is rapid.

There are many reasons to become a qualified plumber such as:

  • The professionalism of the trade
  • Diverse working conditions and tasks
  • The financial rewards are often lucrative
  • The work is challenging and diversified
  • The opportunity for individuals to run their own business and become plumbing contractors.

Your apprenticeship with MPAL will be unique in the way that you will undertake the five streams of the plumbing trade.

These include

1. Drainage

  • disposal systems
  • treatment plants
  • drainage
  • dealing with blockages

2. Sanitary

  • cold water services
  • discharge pipes and sanitary fixtures such as baths, basins, sinks, showers etc.

3. Water Supply

  • obtain the knowledge and experience of designing and installing a range of different water supply types including water heating systems, water pumps, and drinking water

4. Gasfitting

  • install LPG systems in caravans, mobile homes, water craft and mobile workplaces
  • work with Type A Gas Appliances (space heaters, cookers, etc.).
  • install gas piping systems
  • ensure correct ventilation is used

5. Roofing

  • identify roofing materials
  • install roofing components
  • curved roof structures
  • composite roof systems
  • external flashings
  • roof drainage
  • collection and storage of roof water

The Job

Plumbing is best defined as: “work associated with the provision of water supply pipe work including that used for firefighting, all forms of space heating, gas installation, sanitary appliances, discharge pipe work and drainage, the weathering of structures and buildings”.

The Qualification:

To become a trade qualified plumber in NSW you will need to complete a four (4) year apprenticeship in Certificate III in Plumbing

Your apprenticeship includes

  • Theoretical training
  • Practical skills training
  • Being paid to learn
  • Training at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Training on the job with a Host Trainer for a minimum of 4 days a week

What can an apprentice plumber earn?

Self-employed plumbers have flexibility of lifestyle and determine what they earn by the amount of effort they put into building their business.

However, before you can become a self-employed plumber you must complete a four (4) year apprenticeship to gain a Certificate III in Plumbing, Drainage and Gasfitting and then complete an additional course, Certificate IV in Plumbing Services.

Future Opportunities

Plumbing is an Australian National Qualification that is highly transportable and covers a wide variety of subjects including water plumbing, draining, gas fitting and metal roofing. Plumbers trained by MPA Training are well respected in all states of Australia.

Plumbers trained by MPA Training can take a variety of opportunities including: continuing studies, starting their own businesses and travelling in Australia and/or around the world.

So what are you waiting for?

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